Kids Eating Healthy


In order for the kids to do their best learning and playing, they must eat great food. We plan all of our meals and snacks so they are healthy, nutritious and delicious too! We have a fully stocked commercial grade kitchen and all meals and snacks will be prepared on site by our chef.

BreakfastScrambled eggs with toast, MilkOatmeal with fruit, MilkCereal with MilkBanana pancakes, MilkOmelet, Toast, Milk
Mid morning snackApplesBananasPearsOrangesPeaches
LunchChicken noodle soup, Grilled cheese sandwich, Sliced peppersVegetable soup, Baked chicken with couscous, SaladTomato bisque soup, Baked fish fillets with rice, CucumbersItalian meatball soup, Lasagna, SaladSplit pea soup, Beef and carrot stew with mashed potatoes
SnackPumpkin muffins, MilkYogurt with fruitOatmeal cookies, milkWaffles with maple syrup, MilkGranola with milk

Download Sample Weekly Menu