Pamela Sullivan (Madison’s mom)

My husband and I were looking for a daycare/preschool for my daughter as she it turning two years old. We checked out many daycare facilities on Staten Island, but I was still uneasy with the leaving my daughter at any of them. Then one day as we were driving, I saw balloons flying off of the Alphabet Academy sign for an Open House day. We made a u-turn parked the car and knocked on the door.

Natalie answered the door and showed us the facility. It was brand new, clean, and bright. The classrooms were spacious, which offers enough space for the kids to run around and play without crowding each other. Natalie answered all of our questions with ease. We left a deposit and the rest has been an amazing experience.

The menu is fantastic! The school offers a healthy organic menu. Instead of pizza and chicken nuggets every day, the kids are eating soups, home cooked meals, and fresh fruits and vegetables. My daughter is now three years old and because she eats the healthy foods at school, we have no problem feeding her a healthy diet at home also.

The daily routine at Alphabet Academy is full of fun things to do. The children engage in arts & crafts, learning letters & numbers, simple logic, and outside play in a really awesome yard. They offer other cool stuff like yoga, zumba, art classes, Russian classes, etc. They always offer so much to do.

The teachers are amazing. When your children are young, it is hard to leave them with strangers. However, the teachers give you a feeling like they are part of the family. They are always accessible to the parents and each individual child’s personality and specific needs. I have spoken to other parents who will attest to teachers are just fabulous!

Alphabet Academy has an Annual Holiday Concert and Mother’s Day Show starring the children. There is nothing better than seeing your little one sing and even recite lines that they have learned for their big solo! This is such a huge confidence builder for the children and they are so excited to perform for the parents on the day of their big show!

Lastly, Alphabet Academy has been accommodating for our schedule. Any time, we have needed an extra day, make-up day or an extended day, Natalie goes over and beyond to accommodate us. This makes life much easier and offers you peace of mind when you know if something comes up last minute or if you get stuck at work late one night, that your child will be in a safe and comfortable environment.

Choosing Alphabet Academy was one of the best decisions that we have made for our daughter so far. They are like an extended family with so much to offer. My daughter loves her friends, teachers, and all of the fun activities that she engages in on a daily basis!

Marina Vydro (Adam and Liam’s mom)

Finding a perfect daycare is much harder than it might sound. Having to go through few bad and scary childcare experiences with my twin boys in their first year, my need for overprotection and the need to control their environment as much as possible was getting the best of me. My search for a daycare took almost two years, as I kept on pushing ‘The Day’ out and keeping them at home. Once my boys began to show undeniable interest in branching out, I knew the time has come. My husband and I visited several centers. From the most popular options to a smaller home-based facilities. My pros and cons list for each one wasn’t insignificant leaving Alphabet as my last choice since it presented the longest commute from our house. From the minute we pulled into agroomed parking lot with state of the art amenities, new classrooms and large outdoor playground everything felt right. The distance no longer mattered as I knew this is the best option for my kids. It has now been 1.5 years and I couldn’t be happier. All of the activities are fun, educational, interactive and very well thought out. The enrichment program is well organized, and thoughtfully structured. From Zumba and yoga to cooking and etiquette classes, my kids’ schedule makes me wish I were a kid again. Needless to say, daily photo posts is probably my favorite feature, as I love following their day along without the feeling of missing out on all of the ‘fun stuff’. I always highly recommend Alphabet Academy and school’s awesome staff.

The Ligotti Family (Darren’s parents)

My husband and I are very happy with the decision we made to enroll our son in the two year old program at Alphabet Academy. As a parent, it is comforting to know that my son is in a place that is safe with staff that care about him and his needs. I’m always informed about how his day went, and the progress he is making. Another factor that I love is that they provide fresh, organic, and nutritional meals for the kids— hugeee plus! The menu is amazing! As a teacher, it pleases me to know that even at two years old, my son is learning and engaged every day! I appreciate the fact that a curriculum is implemented in the classroom, and parents are informed of monthly units (even at such a young age). Most importantly, my son is happy! He enjoys being in school / daycare with his new friends and teachers.

Greta Maslov (Seth’s mom)

We can’t say enough about Alphabet Academy! It is a one of its kind, and a great place for children! Despite being weary about sending my child to daycare, we couldn’t be happier. We love seeing our son happy every day heading to daycare and thrilled to tell us about his day when he is picked up. Other things that make this a great place in our opinion is the ability to view what he is doing during the day on the camera, knowing he is eating organic food prepared freshly on premises, the great enrichment classes included in the tuition. Over the last year the teachers he has had have been amazing and loving, and the owner is great to work with and truly cares about the children. Overall we only have positive experiences in over a year of attendance and will be signing up our daughter to attend as well :).

Svetlana Shtimerman (Elliana’s mom)

We, as parents just love Alphabet Academy, but what’s more important is that our daughter loves it as well. The teachers and staff do an amazing job to keep the kids entertained while making learning fun. Every night my daughter comes home telling me of yet another fun activity they did that day – anything from making patterns to making slime, you name it – they do it!

We love that fact that we have access to the classroom camera and able to view it throughout the day. This was an important aspect for us because when Elliana just started the daycare she was extremely shy and not willing to socialize much with other kids, so I wanted to see her interact with other children and teachers without me present there. Needless to say, her shyness is far gone by now, she made great friends and loves all her teachers.

When my second daughter was born, my husband signed her up to attend Alphabet Academy before we even came home from the hospital. I can’t wait till she turns 2 so that she can have the same great experience as Elliana does on the daily basis.

Anna Monchas (Liam’s mom)

My son started Alphabet Academy when he was 2 years old and we love it. The teachers are great and my son has so much fun that sometimes he doesn’t want to leave. The facility is beautiful and very spacious compared to some of the other daycares we visited and the staff is always there when I have any questions. I love that their food is cooked daily on premises providing the children with a healthy diet. Overall, we are very happy with our choice in sending our son to Alphabet Academy

Lisa Curty (Andrew’s mom)

I never thought growing up I would be one “those” mothers. One of those moms that is nervous about everything, one of those moms that wanted to know what my son was up all day long while I was at work. But as it turns out my baby boy made me the worst worry wart in the world.

When I took the tour the alphabet Academy I imdidaetly got a good feeling. The cleanliness of the classrooms and play areas met my insanely high standards. I loved that my son was going was going to get 2 home cooked meals and fresh snacks every day!

When I want to know what baby boy is up to it can log onto the cameras and watch him. I love seeing him go down for his nap every day.

Lastly the staff has exceeded my expectations. Andrew’s first teacher Mrs Sharon will be a part of our lives for a long time. I am looking forward to enrolling my 7 month old daughter Abby once she turns 2

Thank you for taking such great care of my precious cargo

Elena Derevjanik (Alex and Leanna’s mom)

My son has been at Alphabet Academy for two years now, and I could not be happier. The teachers are friendly and very supportive. The projects are fun and engaging, and my son always comes home eager to share what he has learned. My son is a picky eater, but he always enjoys the nutritious food at the school. The after school programs are also fantastic. I love that they have so many options, like language classes, and the Gifted and Talented classes. I also love the fact that I get constant updates from the teachers, and pictures of the kids are frequently uploaded to a private Facebook page so I can see all of the fun they are having. Based on the great experiences my son has had, I have just enrolled my daughter, and I highly recommend Alphabet Academy to all of my friends.

Diana Nisman (Sam’s mom)

Sending my son to Alphabet Academy was the best decision I have made to ensure that his education started on the right track. It is an exceptional school with dedicated and caring teachers. I know my son is thriving in the environment the school provides. He comes home every day speaking new words, singing songs, and telling me about a new topic that he has learned. The school is clean, safe, and organized. The food they provide (breakfast, lunch, and snacks) is fresh and organic. And my son has made so many great friends. I cannot imagine a better place for my child.

The Jacobsen Family (Mia’s parents)

Choosing a daycare/preschool can be a nerve wracking decision for any parent but Alphabet Academy as made the transition so easy for us. The staff is warm and friendly. They are always doing fun activities to keep the kids engaged in lesson. Most importantly my daughter is happy and looks forward to school. We are very happy with our decision.

Pamela Tenenbayev (Ilana and David’s mom)

Alphabet Academy has teachers with heart, continuously evolving and exciting enrichment programs, and non-stop dialogue with parents. It’s also well managed, of new books and clean floors, to home-made meals and well-kept gym. My kids are thriving at the school.

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